COVID-19 and Southeast Asia Supply Chain – 新冠病毒与东南亚供应链

COVID-19 & Status of goods (新冠病毒 & 货物现状)

    尊敬的客户,疫情当下希望您一切安好。 COVID-19危机的严重性,其对我们的生活和相关业务造成的破坏的速度和程度确实令人感到惊讶。您选择了我们的服务,我们希望向您保证,我们今天和以前一样致力于实现您的业务。

    鉴于我们的航空公司合作伙伴大量取消航班,航班座位非常稀缺,并且您的运送可能会延迟。 我们正在与航空公司合作伙伴就修订的航班时刻表和可用性进行积极的沟通和协调。我们会积极与您保持联系以便更好地协商安排货物运输,我们真诚希望能尽快将您的货物寄出。

    Dear Value client,I hope you are in the best of spirits in spite of the circumstances. The gravity of the COVID-19 crisis, its pace and level of disruption to our lives and respective businesses has been truly humbling. You have entrusted us with the care of a large part of your supply chain, and we want to reassure you that we are as committed today, just as before, to enable your business.

    In view of massive flight cancellations by our airline partners, flight slots are very scarce, and your shipment may be delayed. We are actively communicating and coordinating with our airline partners on revised flight schedules and availability. keep you posted and we sincerely hope that can send your goods soon.